Sheprd is hiring reliable, and trustworthy drivers to transport K-12 students.

Please answer all questions in this application
as honestly and truthfully as possible.
Sheprd Drivers use only the Company's vehicles. Driver pay is $20/hr.
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Welcome to Sheprd!

Sheprd is determined to make it easier than ever to get the kids to school, practice, rehearsal - you name it! And we're really excited that you'd like to join our growing team of dedicated, kid-friendly drivers. Before we get started, its important for you to know a few things about Sheprd:

1. When driving for Sheprd you will be using one of Sheprd's vehicles. (You won't be using your own vehicle)

2. Because you'll be driving Sheprd vehicles, you'll need a special certificate called "7D". If you already have one, great! If not, we can help you get one.

3. Unlike driving for Uber or Lyft you'll need to commit to working certain days and times of the week. (Like a normal, part-time job)

To begin the process, we would like to ask you a few questions about your background and experience, and get your consent to run a background check.

This application takes most people about 15 minutes to complete and the information is not saved until the application is completed and submitted.
What's your first name? *

As it appears on your driver's license
What's your last name? *

As it appears on your driver's license
Are you 21 years or older? *

Are you currently authorized to work in the United States? *

(Citizenship, residency, or work VISA in United States)
What is your cell phone number? *

Sheprd will provide a smart phone in-vehicle for driving navigation and operation, however to schedule your shift we use SMS (text) messages to communicate; please provide a number that is capable of receiving and sending messages.
Sheprd is looking for the best of the best to join the team! Tell us about yourself and why you’d like to be a Sheprd driver (optional)

2 or 3 sentences will do just fine!
We're looking for part-time drivers; what days and times of the week work best for you? *

AM would be 3-4 hours starting from 6:30/7:00 AM
PM could be anytime after 12 Noon

We're really cruising now! On to the last category: a few questions about your driving experience.

What is your driver's license number?

Which types of vehicles do you feel comfortable driving? *

Have you ever driven for any ride-sharing apps? *

Uber, Lyft, Fasten, Sidecar, etc.
Anything else you want to share about your driving experience?

Are you currently employed? *

What is your profession and why are you seeking employment outside of your current employer? *

Please provide us with a professional or personal reference (name, phone number, and how you know them). *

Do you have a current Pediatric First Aid Certification? *

Do you have a current 7D certificate? *

If you do not currently have a 7D certificate to drive a school transport vehicle, we can walk you through the process to get one prior to starting at Sheprd.
Awesome! In order to check the status of the 7D certificate, can you also verify your date of birth?

No worries!

Let's get started on that 7D-Certificate application; we'll fill out the application for your based on your responses to the questions below.

Some of the questions that follow pertain to CORI/SORI report filing and may be answered in-person instead of online if preferred. We ask them here because the physical application requires you to answer the same question several times. And no one likes having to write their address 3 times over! All information collected here is protected as expressed in Sheprd's WISP and supported by data security standards set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (201 CMR 17.00)
Date of Birth

Residential Street Address

EX: 123 Main St
Residential Address City

EX: Boston
Residential Address State

Residential Address ZIP

EX: 02115
Is your mailing address the same as your residential address?

Mailing Address (Street and #)

EX: 123 Main St
Mailing Address City

EX: Boston
Mailing Address State

Mailing Address ZIP

EX: 02115
What is your sex?

How tall are you in feet?

We will ask inches in the following question, so if you are 5'9", please select 5' below and 9" in the following question.

What is your eye color?

What is your race?

What is your driver's license class?

In what state is your driver's license issued?

What is the expiration date of your driver's license?

What is your place of birth?

EX: Boston, MA, USA
What is your father's full name?

What is your mother's full name?

If you have a former last name, please list below.

What is your social security number? *

This will be used to complete your 7D application (if necessary) and/or to run a background check. Please enter without spaces or dashes.
Correct: 333224444
Incorrect: 333-22-4444 
Incorrect: 333 22 4444
Thanks for applying to be a Sheprd driver!

If it looks like you'll be a good fit, we will invite you in for an in-person interview and a driving test, then verify your information through a few background checks, a drug test, get you set up on the 7D license (if applicable), and teach you how to use the Sheprd App.
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